Staff Spotlight Honorees

Last Updated: 5/2/2022 2:03 PM

Staff Spotlight winners are nominated by their peers and selected by a panel of administrators.


May: Jaret Bregitzer, Taft Center for Innovation & Keith Hoile, Emerson Elementary
April: Jihan Peters, Garfield Middle School & Eileen Revolinsky, Harrison Elementary
March: Emily Baker & Chelsie Ferrone, Harding Middle School
February: Barb Haas, Garfield Middle School; Jed Pearlman, LHS
January: Matt Heslep, LHS & Karen Levis, Lincoln Elementary
December: Erin Foster & Megan Lawrence, Garfield Middle School; Anne Knab, Central Office
November: Stephen Kerney, Harding Middle School & Arlene Marke, Hayes Elementary
October: Julie Ferrone, Hayes and Horace Mann Elementaries & Sharon Kufel, Central Office

October: Aimee Guzowski, LHS & Patty Mews, Garfield Middle School
November: Christine Foote, District & Jason Saksa, Lakewood High
December: Michelle Coleman, Hayes Elementary & Quinci Teer, Harding Middle School
January: Nancy Hvizdos, Hayes Elementary & Renee Smith, Roosevelt Elementary

October: Katy Corrigan, District & Mike Ribar, Lakewood City Academy
November: Dawn Katona, Emerson Elementary & Kris Kantor, Hayes Elementary
December: Terry Moreman, Garfield Elementary & Lana Wade, Garfield Middle School
January: Beth Byrne, Lakewood High & Erik Francis, Central Office
February: Kevin Costello, Hayes & Harding & Pam Williams, Lakewood High
March: Deb Groh, Lakewood High & Cheryl Smolen, Grant Elementary
April: Doug Bunsey, District & Pam Sheils, Lakewood High
May: Karen Holton, Lakewood High & Tricia Duhr, Garfield Middle School

October: Fran Hanrahan, Central Office & Tiffany Hickey, Harrison Elementary
November: Rob McGorray, West Shore & Dan Smigelski, Garfield Middle School
December: Lisa Krumroy, LHS & Tara Shirley, Emerson Elementary
January: Tanya Coughlin, Harrison & Amy Sedlak, Lakewood High
February: Karen Baughman, Harding & Stephanie Severino, West Shore
March: Melissa Diemert, Grant Elementary & Caroline Flannery, Roosevelt Elementary
April: Jennifer Johnson, District & Leah Kapsalis, Garfield Middle School
May: Alison Breckel, LHS & Mandy Fleming, Lincoln Elementary

June 2017: Nadia Bouti, Garfiled Middle School; Megan Eadah, LHS; Renee Kolecki, Lakewood City Academy; and Cindy Vullo, Roosevelt Elementary
May 2017: Sue Cernanec, Lincoln Elementary & Mark Mollison, Harrison Elementary
April 2017: Ron Forkins, I.T. Department
March 2017: Randy Hatmaker, Lakewood High & Colleen Moran, Garfield Middle School
February 2017: Peter Petto, Lakewood High
January 2017: Pam Thompson, Lincoln Elementary
December 2016: Tom Joseph, Lakewood City Academy